Товар временно отсутствует в продаже

Авторы: Ivana Fratter, Claudia Troncarelli

Piazza Navona is an Italian course for foreigners aimed at beginner-level ­students.

The course provides a study path which allows the students to reach A2 level (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) in communication.
The course can be used both in class and for self study. The numerous group and pair activities allow the teacher to simulate communicative situations in class which are lively, day-to-day, and realistic, thereby stimulating collaboration between students, reflexion and personal revision.
The approach of the volume is communicative and focuses on the use of the language, students’ needs and analysis of the language.
This is balanced out with a revaluation of the importance of the grammar and vocabulary, which are carefully contextualised.
Numerous activities offer intercultural reflection: so as to avoid stereotypes, Piazza Navona offers students a comparison between their own culture and the Italian culture, encouraging the identification of similarities and differences.
To conclude, the wealth of pictures offers both an up-to-date and realistic vision of Italy and a valuable tool for understanding and doing the activities.


4 introductory pages provide the first steps in the world of the Italian language and culture
14 units
14 tests for revision and assessment of progress
15 pages dedicated to the Portfolio
14 grammar sections
verb conjugation tables
summaries of progress tests
recording scripts of the audio material
solutions to the exercises
audio CD with numerous tracks which introduce a panorama of accents from the various regions and give examples of different communicative situations

Focus on the socio-cultural context
The choice of topics, locations and characters has been made in such a way as to offer the most-detailed possible picture of Italian society, not only in terms of linguistic situations but also in terms of cultural and social behaviour.
The aim is to help people studying Italian to enter into the structure of Italian society, thanks also to the ability to express oneself appropriately in different contexts.

In line with the teaching methods promoted by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, the course focuses on the most common social ‘notions’ and teaches students how to approach them, through presentation of the most common communicative situations.

Personal notions: personal identification, free time, family relationships, daily life, biographical information
Public notions: food, travel and places, shopping, weather, special occasions, health, television, newspapers
Professional notions: social interaction, the language of work, understanding and giving instructions, stating actions, responsibilities, annual leave, future projects, professions
Educational notions: road safety, driving license, driver’s lexis, road signs, giving and asking for directions, I.T. lexis, writing an email

Rigorous pace of learning
The linguistic and communicative content, defined by strictly progressive criteria, are set out at the beginning of each unit.
The revision tests permit students to check whether or not they have obtained the objectives for study given at the start of each unit. At the end of the volume, a summary of marks obtained in each test in the preceding unit, gives students the opportunity of monitoring their improvement.
Each study unit concludes with a section dedicated to activities related to the Portfolio. In the planning of these activities, the three sections (Passport, Biography and Dossier) which the European Language Portfolio is made up of are taken into account.
Further, there is a section on exercises on phonetics available online, as well as a long list of sites which are useful for further study on the topics presented in the units.

The Teacher’s Book an introduction to the methodology of the course, instructions for carrying out the exercises found in the course, suggestions for the web activities and supplementary exercises.

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